Member Policies

The Lake Norman Pickleball association has limited rules. The main rule is that all members shall treat follow members with dignity and respect both on and off the court. Here are some basic guidelines for our club. This is a living document so as we grow it may become necessary to make additions or deletions to these rules or policies.

Do engage in sportsmanlike conduct and encourage others to do so.
Do be considerate of others players feelings, health and safety.
Do play with members of lower skill levels and new members.
Invite those that have been sitting or who have just arrived, to play in the next game.
If you call for a third or fourth player, accept anyone who stands up to join you.
Do not use profanity during play or in the court area.
Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
Be fair and honest in making court line calls and do not argue an incorrect call.
Use common sense and the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
As a courtesy to those waiting to play, those on a court will play only one game and then leave the court. We “rotate” off the court even if there is no one sitting, (ie: Please wait for another group to finish and then everyone can reorganize into different teams.)
If you see another courts ball enter the court, call BALL quickly to stop all play before someone gets hurt. Return the ball to the proper court and resume play with a re-serve.

Effective March 9, 2021
Spring is Here, Court Reservations are Filling Up.
If you are registered for court time on SignUp Genius and cannot attend, please make
a comment ASAP on your registered spot that you are unable to attend.
-This notifies other players and LKN Pickleball administration.
-If the spots are filled, we can open up another spot to fill the court.
-If there are less than 4 players, this also notifies the other players registered.
Violations After Two (2) No Shows of your registered court time in any time period or month; all
remaining registered court times will be removed for the rest of that month and you will be removed from the Court reservation program.

Effective March 9, 2021
The Court administrator has developed a list for court time for filled dates
If you Cannot Attend Your Reserved Court Time:
1) Make a comment on SignUp Genius ASAP that you cannot attend.
a) If you have a sub you need to mark the comment with their name ONLY AFTER THEY CONFIRM THEY CAN PLAY.

IMPORTANT : Do Not Delete your Paid Reserved Spot on SignUp Genius

b) Please note that if you reach out to several people, this is an opportunity to sub,
the first person that confirms they can play will fill that spot.
c) If the sub is not a member, they will be deleted.
d) You will need to make arrangements for payment between yourselves or agree
that it is a complimentary sub on your behalf. That is between you and the sub.
e) If you want assistance in finding a sub please contact Deb at
2) If the court coordinator is contacted or see a cancelled spot on SignUp Genius that someone cannot attend, the administrator will check the waiting list and contact the next person/s on the waiting list and if no one on the waiting list chooses to fill the spot, the administrator will open up another spot on SignUp Genius.
a) The member taking the new spot will personally have to register on SignUp Genius
to pay and register for the open spot which I will coordinate the timing with the new
person taking the spot so that the spot is not taken by others.
SignUp Genius may or may not be updated due to timing and ability to access the
management tool remotely. Violation of this policy may may result in suspension or removal from the Club rental program.

2103 Guest Policy – Visitors and guests are not allowed to attend any Club sponsored event. This is due to liability concerns. Each Club member is covered by an underlying medical insurance policy of $25,000.00 and guests and visitors would not be covered should they become injured. EXCEPTION: Guests or visitors may attend a Club function on a case by case basis under the following conditions. 1. Approval is granted by a club Director prior to the event. 2. Guest or visitor agrees to and signs a liability release form prior to the event. 3. The addition of the visitor or guest does not prevent an active club member from attending the event due to enrollment limits of the event. Violation of this policy may result in the suspension or removal of a Club member as this policy infraction would be considered a serious violation of club rules.

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