North Carolina State Youth Pickleball Opportunities

Charlotte NC –  During the Fall of 2019  volunteers from throughout North Carolina launched a state-wide initiative to bring pickleball kids and their families together within North Carolina.  Families with youth pickleball players were encouraged to sign up through an automated registry.  Within the first week,  twenty-nine families joined this new and exciting group and were located within all regions of the state. How does this work?  North Carolina was then divided into 7 regions.  Each region has a certified pickleball regional coordinator.  Within the regions are junior development centers whic will feature pickleball clinics, play opportunities, recreational round robin tournaments, social events, and other family experiences.  October has been named “Junior Pickleball Month” in North Carolina with activities currently being planned in each region.  If you would like more information, please send an email to ncjuniorpickleball@gmail.com  or if you wish to register your junior, simply click our link for instant registration within our junior family.


Sign up your family on this secure and private portal and be connected with top juniors and their families across the nation. IPTPA Junior Registry and Development Centers Check out this information video on this new program.

Sign Your Junior Up Today

The North Carolina Pickleball Juniors Coordinators announced recently that their family registration link is now open and taking applications.  Parents and Grand Parents are invited to sign up their junior player at https://forms.gle/AA2aBow7S1J4CGyo6 .  Upon receipt, members will receive information on local and regional pickleball events specific for kiddos.  Also, members are invited to join the North Carolina Junior Facebook Page for additional news, photos and event schedules.  The Facebook link is listed below.  Please click on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/northcarolinajunior    North Carolina Juniors also is a supporter of the new IPTPA Junior Pickleball Development Center.  We encourage our kids to also join and connect with juniors and families across the country.  Simply click on the following link.  Registration is FREE

July 31, 2021 Statesville Junior Clinic and Jamboree


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